Custom websites, website services, search engine optimization, custom logos, templates, domain name registration, website hosting, digital photography, web design for the Rio Grande Valley & Corpus Christi at Webwerx Web Design in McAllen, Texas.

Cutting-edge design

Innovative, cutting edge custom website design supported by hand-coded, valid, search engine friendly, table-less XHTML/CSS coded to meet W3C standards. Why this is important?

Google Apps integration

Google Apps integration - interactive, customizable maps to pinpoint your exact location, calendar integration, Analytics, AdSense and more.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization that's proven effective and gets you found on major search engines. We offer three stages of SEO.

Template-based Websites

Template-based, fully customizable websites - lower your cost by minimizing design fees and expedite the progress of development.

Custom and Template-based Logos

Define your look. Fully customizable, use on your website, businesness cards, advertisements, etc.

Custom Print Design

Business cards, brochures, brand development, letterheads etc.

Custom Print Design

Show off your photos in style.

PayPal Integration

Accept payments and make transactions directly from your website while providing your customers the security and ease-of-use of PayPal.

Website Hosting

Reliable, dependable, economical web hosting - we take the hassle out of set-up and management so you don't have to worry. Why do I need to purchase these items?

Email Addresses

Your-name@your-company-domain, professional email you can link to Outlook, Thunderbird, and many mobile devices.

Contact / E-forms

Offer the convenience and practicality of contact and general e-forms on your website.

Website Maintenance & Updates

Let us keep your information up-to-date and be assured it will be done in a professional and timely manner. Or, take charge and maintain your content via our Content Management System!

Digital Photography and Image Editing

Enhance and personalize your site with pictures of you and/or your organization.


Have a design in Photoshop? Let us turn it into working, standards-compliant, seo friendly XHTML/CSS.

eBay Listings Templates

Give your eBay listings a custom look.

WordPress Setup & Installation

Want a blog or a great way to manage your site? We use WordPress, a free, state-of-the-art publishing platform.


Three stages of SEO:

It is a well-know fact that most new inquiries regarding products, services, and information begin with an internet search. Incorporating Search Engine Optimization into your new website will provide you with many advantages, including increased web traffic, 24/7 advertising, and expanding your customer base, among many others.

Why do we follow W3C's standards?

Why do I need to purchase a domain name and web hosting?

A domain name and website hosting are crucial to launching your new site. Without getting too technical, a domain name is an address of sorts that points to the server that hosts your website (the web host). In other words, your home (website) sits on a lot (website host) and has an address (domain) to enable others to locate it.

Without a domain name and hosting, there is no way for the public to view your website, defeating it's primary purpose - the sharing of information.